Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Would You Sell Ad Space On Your Body (Tattoo)?

A start-up here in the area is offering something a bit different for anyone who wants to pledge a large amount of money to his Kickstarter campaign. He will tattoo your logo on his body.

Now that is a permanent thank you!

Would you ever go to these extremes to fund a project?

Here is his explanation for where he will put the tattoo and the video channel below shows all the video's for his project.

Friday, January 20, 2012

White House Visit US Campaign

Everyone in travel and tourism should take note of the Presidents new plan to make the US a more recognized travel and tourism country. Here is the info right from the web page and the link back to the form to fill out or you can just participate using the Twitter hashtag that is referenced below.

This could be a really great way to raise awareness no matter what your political stance may be tourism equals dollars! Link: What Makes Your Hometown a Great Place to Visit?

We're asking Americans across the country to add their voices to the discussion on tourism in the U.S. and share what makes their city or town a great place visit.  Use the form below to tell us what's great about where you live.
If you're on Twitter, you can also use the hashtag #visitUS to share photos and tell us why your city or town is a great place to visit.