Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love Farmer's Markets

10 Reasons to Love Farmer’s Markets

September 06, 2011 |
by Lisa Reichenbach

I’m a sucker for farmer’s markets. I find them a 100% reliable source of fun and inspiration. There’s the atmosphere, for starters, which buzzes with the same energy that local market days undoubtedly have for centuries. And there’s also the sense of occasion.

1. Good smells

2. Eccentric hats

3. Fiddlers. OK, maybe a few farmer’s markets out there are fiddleless, but if there’s a soundtrack to farmer’s markets, this is it.

4. Inspiration

5. Farmers. The catch-phrase goes, “Know your farmers, know your food”, and where better to meet your farmers than at a Farmers Market.

6. A sense of abundance grounded in the seasons

7. Freshness

8. Happy children (your own or others)

9. Beauty

10. Life

Check out your own local farmer’s market to see if the same things strike you. You can go to (for US) or (for Canada) to find a farmer’s market near you.

Lisa Reichenbach is an Oxford-educated anthropologist, writer and consultant. She has worked extensively in healthcare, studying first-hand the ways in which culture and behavior shape health and illness. She is currently writing a book on the relationship between fun, play and well-being, and thinks that family dinners are a great way to enjoy them all! Visit her blog at

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