Thursday, August 25, 2011

Customer Service Rules

There tends to be a relaxed attitude in our area and for some reason it has become acceptable for people to show up late to meetings or not show up at all.

Another startling issue is lack of pride in customer service and disregard for customers.

Showing up late or not showing up at all to a designated meeting show a complete disrespect for the other people you are meeting with. Sometimes things happen that can not be avoided. In those cases call and let someone know you will be late and if that still works in the schedule or let someone know you won't make. Don't just show up 15 to 20 minutes late or not at all without calling or informing someone.

Ignoring customer service and not making sure your staff are representing your business in the best possible light is all on you as the business owner.

When people are scrutinizing every penny they spend you can not afford to sit back and just do "business as usual". Unless you want to go out of business, because you have to become the discount king to get customers in your door you have to give them the experience they feel is worthy of paying more for.

I will spend more money at a place I know I will get exceptional service and quality products, but I will only make the mistake of spending extra at a place with a quality product, but horrendous service. I want an experience that makes me feel good when I walk out the door.

Are you providing that for your customers?

Jamie Lynn Morgan
Relationship Philosophy Marketing
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