Friday, August 19, 2011

Kudos For Coeur d'Alene on TripAdvisor

I like to browse the Travel Forums on TripAdvisor first thing when I log in on the computer in the morning to see what questions are being asked about our area and if there is anyone who I can help out with a response to their questions. I found this one this morning and wanted to share it with everyone. (This was someone who had already vacationed in our area answering a post from someone considering coming to Coeur d'Alene.)

We were just vacationing in Coeur D'Alene last week on vacation. We did stuff with and without kids. If you are staying in or near the resort, I recommend... the sea plane ride, kayaking, hanging over at the pool, take in a round of golf, there is a cool museum in town there, go out to dinners (I recommend Wolf Creek Inn)... Not sure if there is a club scene- I didnt notice that. You can alw contact the hotel you are staying at (or talk to people when you get there) and ask. You can also drive into Spokane ( bigger city- might have more night life)

The one thing I wanted to point out in that,(besides the fact that they obviously had a good time),is their reference to "talk to people when you get there". Do the locals they will be talking to know about your business? Have you been solely marketing to visitors and travelers and neglecting your own backyard? Referrals online and off from the people who live here year round are happening every day. Don't miss out on an opportunity to tell them why they need to be sending people your way.

Author: Jamie Lynn Morgan, Relationship Philosopher & Community Creator for Travel and Tourism Businesses.

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